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It is our experience that a whole approach to recovery and real change starts with the individual.  While every patient choosing to engage our services will receive medical care and physiological counseling, all of the other services can be selected by YOU.   Not only can YOU choose which services will make up YOUR day, YOU may also choose when AND how frequently to have them. If you are at your home or one of our "Concierge Like Home" in Florida your recovery team discreetly comes to you and be available for as long as you need them! These added services can offer YOU comfort and allow you to focus better on your recovery.  
One of the most challenging things about our modern day society is that it moves so fast.  The addiction reach golf founders know how it can feel when you add the stress and trauma associated with addiction behaviors. That is why our program is designed for individuals, couples and families that seek treatment but all not able or willing to leave home for an extended period of time. For people that need to continue running their businesses and having control of their lives, Short Term Intensive Golf or Short Term Intensive Holistic programs are the perfect solution. 
Short Term Intensive Therapy For Drug, Alcohol, Food, Gambling, Gaming and Internet Addictions.

Each program is customized to your time schedule and preferences. While the predetermined and established impatient treatment is right for some,  it is our experience that functional motivated people have great success when they are empowered to plan their journey back to their whole selves. Relapsers, in particular, excel in this approach. These programs work in all stages of recovery from substance detoxification to long term relapse prevention. 

All ages are invited to participate. Our clinicians specialize in adolescent, young adults, boomers and seniors.  If you are a Florida resident this concierge program may be available to complete in the comfort of your home.

A medical and mental health evaluation and program recommendations are required to ensure safety and comfort.  Everything else is up to you. For example, if you are a scratch golfer you can play every day on a championship course, or if yoga and acupuncture are your passion, it can all be scheduled daily. Your recovery team will come to you beachfront or golf resort. Make no mistake, your clinical team is highly credentialed and you and your family, if you choose to include them, will receive comprehensive one on therapy daily as well.

For those who are not substance abusers but struggle with the stresses of everyday life or are in long term recovery, golf retreats can be planned and customized especially for them and their loved ones.  Corporate groups also benefit from our programs. If you can imagine it, we can provide it.
Golfers are passionate about the game and the camaraderie that comes with it no matter how well they play.  Golf affords the opportunity to access a source of inspiration and power that must ultimately come from within.  As within recovery itself, success takes place in small steps, always in the present moment, and always one shot at a time.  

As every golfer knows, the challenges felt on the course mirror the challenges felt in everyday life.  Golf, perhaps unlike any sport, has the uncanny ability to show our individual strengths and weaknesses. Your recovery team will assist you in identifying these traits and discussing how they impact your life and what new strategizes will be successful for you.   Your support team would then help you develop a detailed plan of attainable goals and how to reach them. 

Addiction Reach Golf utilizes leading-edge peak performance mind/body principles so you can take back your life on your own terms one shot at a time.   We integrate mental and emotional mind practices and biomechanics. Our golf mentors currently coach PGA players.   Your course work includes swing instruction, as well as techniques to stabilize emotions and get mood out in front of performance.  We integrate daily off the green one on one therapy  addressing sobriety, mindfulness,  relationships  and the challenge of the”19th hole”.  Whether you decide to participate alone or invite your partner or family to join you, you are all welcome on and off the course.   

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Jeanne P. Yetz, MD
Sanford Silverman, MD
Bruce R. Dooley, MD
Tay G. Gaines, MD
Mikhail N. Berman, MD
James Hanlon, AP
Sandra Kahn, AP.,RN
Helen M. Gable, B.Sc.H.K., D.C., C.Ad., D.A.C.A.C.D
Joanna Robinson, Nurses- PRN
Nora Clemens, R.D., L.D/N


Della Stricker,NASM,RYT
David Caracappa, L.M.T
Carmenza Wagner, L.M.T
Julie Cotton, NCTMB
Lynn Suzanne Tress, Psy.D., L.M.H.C., CAP, Ct.H
Leslie A. Zebel, PhD, LMHC, LCAP
Brandi Rials, PsyD, Palm Beach Behavioral Health and Wellness
Nicholas S. Aradi - Ph.D
Hugh R. Leavell - Ph.D
Jay Schrader - CAC, CIP, PGA Golf Pro
Mary Beth Stern - CAC, CPC
John W. McIlveen, M.Ed., LMHC
Wayne Brown, LCSW, CAP, CHT
Will Grayson, CAC, BHT
Martin Thompson, LCSW
J. Carlos Nelson, MAEd, CAP, ICADC
Michael Cohen, Center For Brain Training

Jay Schrader - CAC, CIP, PGA Golf Pro​
Nicholas S. Aradi - Ph.D
Darlis Mayes, MS, CAP, SAP, ICADC
Ronald Dock, CAC, CIP, NCRC

Tim Kremer M.A.
Gregg Gaulocher
Jay Schrader - CAC, CIP, PGA Golf Pro

Rabbi Jenny Skylark Kuvin, JD RMT AHP, Spiritual Coach
Pastor Terry Boma

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